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The First Luxury Perfumery

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Summer 2018: the new MONTALE takes you to the beautiful island of Capri!

NEROLI • parfum & luxe

Luxury perfumery at Regiposta utca, downtown Budapest. Open every day. Luxury and niche perfumes – clean skincare – traditional shaving – royal hairbrushes – make-up
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NEROLI Luxury Perfumery The Most Beautiful Fragrances of the World
Artistic perfumes in Hungary’s first ever luxury perfumery at Regiposta St., downtown Budapest. NEROLI presents perfume specialties from Paris, London and Florence: creations of exclusive perfume houses not made to subserviently meet the needs of the masses. We are the local representative of Amouage, the most valuable perfumes of the world, Montale that contains the mystic oud oil and the Parisian cult-brand, the now world-famous diptyque. Uniquely, we offer the option of ordering samples from our variety of perfumes.

In addition to artistic perfumes, there are wonderful perfume lamps in the Home fragrances section, a variety of hairbrushes that represent the top in hair grooming, beautiful make-up collections, accessories for traditional shaving, special tooth brushes, and clean skincare products - especially REN - under the different tabs. You can navigate between the sections using the buttons on the left; you can get help from the recommended perfumes for men and women in the right-hand corner, and the perfume selection button on the left.

If you wish to get first-hand information, subscribe to our newsletter at the top of the screen. If you want to visit us in person, the enchanting NEROLI perfumery awaits you at 19 Regiposta St., downtown Budapest.
Parfums de Nicolai
Lorenzo Villoresi
Geo. F. Trumper
Edwin Jagger Shaving
escentric molecules



Parfüm - Delina Exclusif
new parfüm
Parfums de Marly
Delina Exclusif
Superlative version of Delina
Parfüm - Love in White Summer
new parfüm
Love in White Summer
The sweet and fruity counterpart to Love In White. Inspired by a passionate summer romance, it takes you to the French Riviera.
Parfüm - Aqua Gold
new parfüm
Aqua Gold
Montale presents the aromatic side of the beautiful island of Capri for the summer of 2018. Its mascule and perfectly fits for the heat.
Parfüm - Hili
new parfüm
WIDIAN by AJ Arabia
Velvet Collection
Garden of Purity
Parfüm - Aqua Celestia Forte
new parfüm
Maison Francis Kurkdjian
Aqua Celestia Forte
Forte Version
Cool Freshness
Parfüm - Black Tulip
new parfüm
Shay & Blue
Black Tulip
Dark petals
Parfüm - Qafiya Sport
new parfüm
Qafiya Sport
Energetic Emirates
Parfüm - Irrévérent
new parfüm
Histoires de Parfums
Dark Luxury
Parfüm - Red Tobacco
new parfüm
Red Tobacco
Fiery, Warm Tobacco
Parfüm - Impressions de Giverny
new parfüm
Fort & Manle
Impressions de Giverny
Garden of Monet
Parfüm - Rehab
new parfüm
Initio Parfums
Hedonist Collection
White addiction
Parfüm - Ambre Royal
new parfüm
Ormonde Jayne
Ambre Royal
Modern, royal orientalism with the elegant finesse of Ms Pilkington. 
Parfüm - Iris Rebelle
new parfüm
Atelier Cologne
Iris Rebelle
Collection Chic Absolu
Fresh Iris: soft and easy like a ballett performance
Parfüm - Fleur de Peau EDP
new parfüm
Fleur de Peau EDP
50th Anniversary of Diptyque
Softness and sensuality
Parfüm - Charlatan
new parfüm
Fort & Manle
Pear dipped in chocolate and truffle
Parfüm - London
new parfüm
WIDIAN by AJ Arabia
Sapphire Collection
Tradition and Modernity
Parfüm - Alexandria II
new parfüm
Alexandria II
Oud Stars
Ancient Power
Parfüm - Layton Exclusif
new parfüm
Parfums de Marly
Layton Exclusif
Superlative version of Layton
Parfüm - Viking
new parfüm
Viking is the new fragrance of 2017 by the House of CREED. The fiery-icy composition is a perfect everyday luxurious wear.
Parfüm - Cruz Del Sur II
new parfüm
Cruz Del Sur II
Fruits of Amazonas
Parfüm - La Douceur de Siam
new parfüm
Dusita Parfums
La Douceur de Siam
Siamese Beauty
Parfüm - Baccarat Rouge Extrait
new parfüm
Maison Francis Kurkdjian
Baccarat Rouge Extrait
The Culmination of Baccarat Rouge
Extrait Version
Parfüm - Regina
new parfüm
Last Queen of South Italy
Parfüm - Empathy
new parfüm
The House of Oud
Arabic Garden Collection
The Raspberry Heaven

Skincare & Haircare | In our new store:


Borotválkozás - Ebony set DE
new borotválkozás
Edwin Jagger borotva
Ebony set DE
3-piece DE shaving set
Borotválkozás - DE89 Laser Cut
new borotválkozás
Edwin Jagger borotva
DE89 Laser Cut
Chrome-plated safety razor (Laser)
Borotválkozás - OSMA Block
new borotválkozás
OSMA Laboratoires
OSMA Block
Alum Block
Borotválkozás - DE89 Gold
new borotválkozás
Edwin Jagger borotva
DE89 Gold
Gold-plated safety razor


Hourglass 2.0
Hourglass 2.0
Design Diffuser
Car Diffuser
Car Diffuser
With optional cartridges
Creo Interactive Media Studio